Fees:  Weddings and Funerals

Table of Parochial Fees

Please follow the links to download the Parochial Fees payable to PCCs and the Hereford Diocesan Board of Finance in 2019 / 2020:

All 2020 fees - A4
2020 fees - summary
2020 fees - A3 (suitable for printing on A3 paper)

All 2019 fees - A4
2019 fees - summary
2019 fees - A3 (suitable for printing on A3 paper)

Please note that the 2020 fees table shows the entire fee for a cremation of £199 being payable to Hereford Diocese.  This was a change agreed by General Synod in 2019.  Prior to this an element had been retained by the PCC.  On 14 January 2020 the HDBF Finance Committee agreed that PCC's can continue to retain £30 at a local level with only £169 to be remitted to the Diocese.


Churches often invite the congregation at funerals and other similar services to make a contribution to church funds.  However, families may also ask for a collection to be taken for a named charity in memory of their loved one.  Guidance for families can be found on the Life Events:  Funerals pages of the website.  Guidance for clergy, funeral directors and PCCs can be found here.

Voluntary Ministers

Information relating to services to be conducted by Voluntary Ministers can be found on the Voluntary Ministers page.

Marriage Forms

The marriage form is a record of the date of the marriage, the parish, the statutory fees and any extra fees set by the PCC and agreed with the family.  The form should be completed by parishes and copies provided to the family, PCC Treasurer and Incumbent / Priest-in-Charge:

Payment of parochial fees to the Diocese

Since 2013, the whole of each statutory fee due to the Diocese must be paid to the Hereford Diocesan Board of Finance (HDBF).  Any payments to Voluntary Ministers will be paid by HDBF on receipt of a Voluntary Minister claim form. Some fees are collected at a parish level, others at a group or benefice level. The PCC Treasurer should ensure that they understand how fees are administered in their particular parish.

Parochial fees must be submitted to the Hereford DBF on a monthly basis (quarterly for small parishes if no Voluntary Ministers have taken services) accompanied by the relevant form:

Only the element due to the PCC should appear as income in the PCC's annual accounts.  Further guidance on accounting for statutory fees can be found here.