Resources for Ministry

Mission and Leadership

Christianity Today Article: Small Church Pastors Have A Different Skill Set, Not A Lesser One

Christianity Today Article: Pastors And Worship Leaders: 3 Ways To Work Together And 2 Traps To Avoid

www.ministrydevelopment.org.uk - Church of England Resources and Research

www.freshexpressions.org.uk - national website of the Fresh Expressions initiative - new ways of being church.

www.encountersontheedge.org.uk - Church Army site on evangelism and new ways of mission and being church

www.alternativeworship.org - home site for many alternative worship events, services and websites. A must-visit site for those wanting to explore this area

Liturgy and Mission in Postmodern Culture: some reflections arising from "Alternative" services and communities. Helpful article by Paul Roberts of Trinity Bristol

http://www.gospel-culture.org.uk/ - Well-established organisation, founded by Lesslie Newbigin. Again, excellent links to other sites

www.licc.org.uk - London Institute for Contemporary Christianity

http://www.thirdway.org.uk/ - Third Way Magazine, UK - Gospel and culture issues

http://www.damaris.org - the Damaris Project, UK - examining media and culture from a Christian mission perspective

Leading An Interesting Private Life (When Your Public Life is Ministry)- Mary Honstead pdf download.

Recommended Books:

  • The Contemplative Minister, Ian Cowley
  • The Art of Pastoring, William C Martin
  • Ministry in Three Dimensions, Steven Croft
  • Clergy: The origin of the Species, Martyn Percy
  • Curacies and How to Survive them, Martyn Percy
  • Creating the Future Church, Keith Elford
  • The Unnesessary Pastor, Eugene Peterson
  • Working the Angles, Eugene Peterson
  • What Clergy Do: Especially When it looks like nothing, Emma Percy
  • Making Management Simple, Frances Kay, Helen Guinness, Nicola Stevens
  • Sustaining Leadership, Peter Shaw
  • Deciding Well: A Christian Perspective on Making Decisions as a Leader, Peter Shaw
  • Raise your Game, Peter Shaw

Rural Deans

www.parishandpeople.org.uk - home of the Deanery Resource Unit

www.chdg.org.uk - Church House deaneries group


www.stewardship.org.uk - UK-based stewardship resource site

www.generousgiving.org - US-based stewardship resources

www.ecclesiastical.co.uk - Ecclesiastical Insurance home page