“help those whose family life has met with adversity”

It’s our fifth aim, and these are some of the ways we’re trying to fulfil it locally.

Away From It All Breaks

Crisis Intervention Fund & Store

Hereford Hospital Wash Bags

and how you can help……

Contacts and information for each project are available from the office.

Away From It All Breaks & Treats

We offer breaks and treats to families experiencing stress. Families are referred via various agencies, and we attempt to find (and fund) a break or treat that will give them a chance to get “away from it all”.

We need:

  • money to fund the breaks and treats
  • volunteers to serve on the AFIA Committee
  • referrals from clergy, teachers, social workers etc for those who might benefit

Please contact the office by telephone on 01432 373306 or e.mail to receive further information and the application forms.

Crisis Intervention Fund & Store

A new start in a new home is a lot more difficult if you have nothing to equip it with. We support a number of local agencies with goods and funds to help people get back on their feet again.

We need:

  • good quality, clean kitchen equipment
  • small household goods including bedding and linen
  • baby equipment

Hereford Hospital Wash Bags

If you arrive in hospital as an emergency, say after a road accident, a fall in the street or having been suddenly taken ill at work, you haven’t had a chance to pack a bag. We provide the hospital with wash bags and toiletries for such people.

We need:

  • simple wash bags containing toothbrush, toothpaste, small unscented soap, flannel, small shampoo, comb, small packet of tissues
  • money to buy supplies

Here are a couple of other things we do:

We also offer clergy officiating at church weddings the chance to present the happy couple with a card to accompany a candle as a souvenir of their day. We hope they’ll light their candle again on their anniversaries.

We need:

  • money to buy ribbon and cards
  • requests from parishes for supplies of the cards for their wedding couples

And we have this leaflet available for keeping wedding costs down.

Download – wedding ideas leaflet

Recently, we sent all our Indoor Members a small cross – it’s such a useful pattern, we thought we’d keep it here for you!

Download: cross in my pocket instructions

We also encourage our members to support their local food banks, and get involved in their parishes and communities. Here are some more ideas for getting involved On Your Patch.

Download On Your Patch leaflet