Parish Giving Scheme Resources

Registering with the Parish Giving Scheme is a simple and easy process.  Please just follow the following steps:

Step 1 - Pass a resolution at a PCC meeting to join the Parish Giving Scheme - Resolution Form

Step 2 - Complete the Parish Registration Form - Parish Registration Form

Step 3 - Return both step 1 and 2 documents along with a copy of a void cheque or bank paying-in slip (which relate to the PCC bank account that is to receive funds) to:

PGS, The Diocesan Office, The Palace, Palace Yard, HEREFORD HR4 9BL

or by email to: finance@hereford.anglican.org

Please do not send these documents to the PGS central team in Gloucester.

Step 4 - The Diocesan Office will verify and process your parish application and register your details with the Parish Giving Scheme.

Step 5 - You will receive direct from the central Parish Giving Scheme team your joining instructions.

Step 6 - A Parish Giving Advisor or other member of diocesan staff will be in contact with you to provide all resources you will need to launch the Parish Giving Scheme in your church.

Available resources to download:-

Parish Giving Scheme information for givers
PCC guide to the Parish Giving Scheme
Detailed guide for PCC Treasurers
Parish Giving Scheme - tips for success
Parish Giving Scheme - A4 poster

Resources available direct from Hereford Diocesan Office only:-

  • Offertory tokens
  • Parish contact labels
  • Parish code labels
  • Donor Direct Debit forms
  • Bookmarks
  • A4 Poster
  • Pop-up banners (for loan)

If you have any queries, please contact Finance Director Stephen Herbert or Office Manager Kerry Preedy.