Parish Giving Scheme Resources

Registering with the Parish Giving Scheme is a simple and easy process.  Please just follow the following steps:

Step 1 - Pass a resolution at a PCC Meeting to join the Parish Giving Scheme - Resolution Form

Step 2 - Complete the Parish Registration Form - Parish Registration Form

Step 3 - Return both step 1 and 2 documents along with a copy of a void cheque or bank paying-in slip (which relate to the Parish bank account that is to receive funds) to:

PGS, The Diocesan Office, The Palace, Palace Yard, HEREFORD HR4 9BL

or by email to: richardjones@hereford.anglican.org or to finance@hereford.anglican.org

Please do not send these documents to the PGS central team in Gloucester.

Step 4 - The Diocesan office will verify and process your parish application and register your details with the Parish Giving Scheme.

Step 5 - You will receive direct from the central Parish Giving Scheme team your joining instructions.

Step 6 - A Parish Giving Advisor will be in contact with you to provide all resources you will need to launch the Parish Giving Scheme in your church.

Available resources to download:-

Parish Giving Scheme Information for givers
PCC Guide to the Parish Giving Scheme
Detailed Guide for PCC Treasurers 
Parish Giving Scheme - Tips for success
Parish Giving Scheme A4 Poster

Resources available direct from Hereford Diocesan Office only:-

  • Offertory tokens
  • Parish contact labels
  • Parish code labels
  • Donor Direct Debit forms
  • Bookmarks
  • A4 Poster
  • Pop-up Banners (For Loan)

If you have any queries please contact Richard D Jones or Val Smith, our Parish Giving Advisers.