Personal & Financial Support (CMD)

Personal Support

Licensed Clergy are expected to ensure that each year they:-

  • have spiritual support and accountability in the form of one-to-one or small group Spiritual Accompaniment (3 or more sessions a year). The MSDO oversees the network of people offering Spiritual Direction. If you are seeking someone, further information is available here

CMD Brochure 

Each year a number of CMD conferences (half-day, one-day and two-days) are held that are intended to provide opportunities for learning and development in ministry. They are open to licensed clergy, readers and members of Local Ministry Development Groups at no cost. Others are welcome to book at the cost of £15 per day.

Stipendiary Clergy are expected to do at least three days CMD each year (no maximum). Stipendiary Curates are expected to do two CMD events each year. OLM and SSM Curates can attend voluntarily.

Link to CMD Brochure 2019-20: https://www.hereford.anglican.org/cmdcourses/

Financial Support

CMD Grant

The Diocese provides an allowance of £125 per year for all licensed clergy (after Curacy) to put towards any CMD type conference or training, retreat or spiritual nourishment. This can be carried forward on a 3 year cycle. The current cycle ends at the end of 2017.
Link to CMD Grants & Study Leave

Study Leave Grant

Those undertaking Study Leave can apply for a grant of £600 towards the costs involved. (CMD Grant can be added to this – raising the total to a maximum of £975)
Link to CMD Grants & Study Leave

Post Graduate Study Grant

Those undertaking post-graduate study (MA, or PhD or equivalent) can apply for grants of £500 per annum for up to 3 years towards the costs involved. Further information or to discuss email Nick Helm.