Hereford Diocese Peer Support Network

In conjunction with the Church of England Foundation for Educational Leadership, Hereford Diocese will be running Peer Support Networks for school leaders in 2020.

The network will be launched on 28th February 2020 by Emily Norman (Head of Networks for the Foundation). There will then be a further four meetings during the year, culminating in a celebration of what has been discussed through the year.

The peer-to-peer networks are a great way of school leaders coming together and sharing practice, exchanging ideas and developing thinking, facilitated by the Foundation’s national team. It provides opportunities for relationship building and learning from each other’s schools, including through school visits.

The networking specifically considers the impact of our vision on practice, using some of the Foundation’s excellent resources, such as Ethos Enhancing Outcomes. It will involve activities which enable participants to think about different topics from a leadership and pedagogical point of view, as well as theologically, in an interactive and engaging way. These activities can then be used in school with staff teams and governors to enable a whole-school approach to the different topics explored.

The investment for each school will be £275, for which school leaders will receive dedicated leadership support, coaching from the Foundation’s Regional Network Facilitator and access to the Foundation’s online community. Every school will receive two full days’ training, alongside three group CPD sessions hosted in network schools developing approaches together.

The Church of England’s Foundation for Educational Leadership’s mission is:

“To develop inspirational leaders who are called, connected and committed to delivering the Church of England’s vision for education.”

To find out more about the Foundation’s work, visit: https://www.cefel.org.uk/

In order to register your interest email education@hereford.anglican.org or call the Diocesan Education Team on 01584 871071 for more information on dates and network groups.