Deacons for 2017

Deacons (l-r) - Matthew Cashmore, Sam Mann, Clive Munday, Rachel Robertson

Four new deacons were ordained at Hereford Cathedral on Sunday 2nd July.

They are (above left-to-right)

  • Matthew Cashmore - West Hereford Team Ministry, 
  • Sam Mann - Ironbridge, Coalbrookdale and Little Wenlock,
  • Clive Munday - Bridgnorth and Morville Parishes Team Ministry
  • Rachel Robertson - Tupsley with Hampton Bishop.

Also being priested on the Saturday before (pictured at their deaconing in 2016, left-to-right) are:

  • Richard Allaway - the Frome Valley Group of Parishes, 
  • Rob Oram - Holmer with Huntington, 
  • Kina Robertshaw - Bromyard and Stoke Lacy, 
  • Simon Tarlton - Ross on Wye with Walford and Brampton Abbotts
  • Dawn Taffinder - Madeley Team Ministry.

Please remember them and their parishes in your prayers this Petertide.

Meet the Deacons

Matthew Cashmore

Matthew is about to join the West Hereford Team Ministry as Assistant Curate after spending the last three years training at Ripon College Cuddesdon. Prior to training Matthew was on the board of Blackwell’s as Digital Director – he keeps his hand in the publishing and book trade by being a Trustee on the board of SPCK. Before that he worked at the BBC and Lonely Planet and travelled the world on his motorbike. 

He lives in Hereford with his family and his two working Labradors – Dora & Sophie. He rescued a cat while living in Melbourne and brought her all the way home to the UK – her name is Abby (she thinks she’s a dog).

Matthew’s journey to ordination started when he was 19 years old, his Priest told him to go away and come back when he was 30… amazingly he did and six years later he’s just about ready to be ordained Deacon. Matthew is passionate about helping people find their faith, he believes that God is in all of us and if he can help people open the door to Him then the world will be a better place.

Matthew is one of the vicars being followed this summer by the BBC documentary team making ‘A Vicar's Life’ for BBC 2.

Sam Mann

I feel truly blessed to be given the opportunity to serve as Curate in the benefice of Ironbridge, Coalbrookdale, and Little Wenlock. I am from the Diocese of Hereford, as I come from just outside Ludlow in south Shropshire, and I was born in the Black Country. 

For a few years I lived in Newport, Gwent while studying music at the University of South Wales, before beginning ordination training at Ripon college Cuddesdon. I continue to enjoy both playing and listening to music.

I first felt called to ordained ministry while on holiday in Wales, during a visit to a very small, simple chapel. After a time of prayer and reflection, I stumbled upon a leaflet with the question ‘Is God calling?’ written on the front; and I answered ‘Yes’! In the time since that holiday I have moved house, got married, and completed ordination training at Cuddesdon. It really has been an amazing few years, and my wife Aisha and I look forward to what the next few years will bring.

Clive Munday

Clive was born in Beckenham, Kent, and has lived most of his life in the south-eastern suburbs of London. He went to a Church of England Primary School where he discovered the basics of the Christian faith. He came to a personal faith while reading Paul’s letter to the Romans as a teenager, which made him keenly aware of the importance of Scripture for nurturing and maintaining faith.

He went to Oxford to study Modern Languages, but decided, largely through reading Luther and Pascal, that Theology looked much more interesting and switched courses. At that time Clive, with the encouragement of his college chaplain, first explored the idea of ordained ministry, but has been awaiting God’s timing for many years, while writing billing software for utility companies, and singing in church choirs and music groups, and leading small church groups. Amongst other things, the experience of representing and supporting his colleagues through a time of threatened redundancies convinced him that the time was right to offer himself for ordained ministry. He then trained for ordination at St Mellitus College in London while continuing his full-time work.

He is married to Nagisa, a counsellor, who comes from Japan.

Nagisa and Clive are aware that many people still remember painful wartime experiences, and have been involved in reconciliation work between the UK and Japan – a reconciliation that they believe their marriage symbolises. They have also organised charity concerts for the relief of victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami.

Rachel Robertson

I grew up in a village in Kent and have spent most of my adult life living in London. The last two years we've lived in rural Wiltshire. I have come to see that I can be happy in both city and countryside and see the merits of both.

You'll know I'm not feeling myself if I say no to a cup of tea. I drink it with colour and a reasonable amount of milk.

I love chatting, sharing stories and encouraging people, but I also love being quiet and listening to the sounds of nature all around me.

I love photo-journalism, walking (preferably with a decent café stop), books by Shirley Hughes and reading about films (though it's a rare treat to see them).

I love being a wife and mum, daughter, sister and friend. These relationships are so precious to me.

Over many years I would ask God ‘what should I do with my life?’ The call of priesthood was a gradual one and the best way to describe my sense of it was that it was like a niggling inside me that wouldn’t go away over many years. People hear God in different ways. For me, a combination of that inner sense, words from the Bible and encouragements from others have all spoken to me at various points rather than a big moment.

I'm excited about our move to Hereford and seeing more of who God is in all of our lives.