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  • Reflections on generosity and giving

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  • Stories from Lockdown part 1 - When I needed a neighbour

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  • Bishop of Hereford leads Guinea Service

    In 2016 the Rev. Sean Semple revived the wishes of Mrs. Elizabeth Freeman, as expressed in her last will and testament Dated 1810 and as reproduced on the Letton Church Commemorative Mugs.

    The Rev. Semple gave a sermon and the congregation then voted, anonymously, as to whether he had earned his guinea. I am pleased to report that he was awarded his guinea and the afternoon ended with tea and cakes. This year October 29th falls on a Tuesday... Read more

  • Take a pew

    How often have you been invited to “take a pew” as a way of sitting down? At one church in Abbeydore Deanery, you can now do just that in a space which was once full of pews. Read more

  • A Pilgrimage of Faith

    A priest from Herefordshire has become one of the first Anglican chaplains to serve the Diocese in Europe’s Camino Chaplaincy, in Santiago de Compostela, the destination of the pilgrimage route that was recently highlighted in the BBC TV programme, Pilgrimage: The Road to Santiago. Read more

  • Praying for the parish

    Plenty of us have prayed for one another, our local area and leaders as part of intercessions on a Sunday but how many of us pray for our neighbours at any other time of the week?
    In Ledbury people from all of the Christian churches are getting together once a week to pray for one another and their wider community. Read more

  • A very messy baptism

    “They thought it was really nice and it suited both of my girls as it didn’t feel as formal as having it in a church service on a Sunday as ours was so relaxed.” Read more

  • Life After Debt

    “I dived under the table to hide from someone at the door, worried that he’d see me. I hardly ever went out because I was scared someone was waiting on the driveway.” Read more

  • Praying for North Korea

    1,500 people were gathered in the main arena at Spring Harvest in Minehead in April – they were there on this particular evening to hear from Hea Woo who came to faith after her husband, who was a Christian, died in a prison in North Korea... Read more

  • A Christian Community for all

    In December last year 18-year-old Lydia Cole died unexpectedly. At her funeral the newly in post Christine Cattanach heard two of her friends discussing how the church felt like theirs because they have all of their family weddings and funerals there but they didn’t come at any other time... Read more

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