Farewell to Bishop Richard

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    19 Nov. 2019

    The Bishop of Hereford, the Rt. Revd Richard Frith makes his final public appearance this Saturday 23 November at the farewell service to be held at Hereford Cathedral at 11am. Well-wishers and supporters are expected to turn out to say thank you and pray God’s blessing upon Bishop Richard and his wife Kay as they begin the next chapter of their life together.

    Bishop Richard has held the post as 105 Bishop of Hereford for five years, helping the diocese to shift towards intentional intergenerational church. He has led development of a diocesan mission strategy focused on Proclaiming Christ and Growing Disciples by inspiring each generation.

    He successfully supported a Strategic Development Bid, which funded six intergenerational Missioners in five of our market towns and actively sought development of relationships between civic, statutory and community groups to look at issues relating to the common good agenda.

    During his five years in the diocese, he has encouraged and supported a number of projects and individuals to re-imagine church buildings and empowered church members in their roles and responsibilities to develop a variety of ministry and worship across the diocese including supporting the growth of Messy Church and fresh expressions.

    Ahead of the farewell service Bishop Richard said: “I thank God for the people of this beautiful diocese. It has been a privilege being Bishop of Hereford over the past five years. I will continue to love and pray for the people and the area. I have found it hard to say goodbye but I am reminded that my faith keeps me looking forward to the next chapter.I am planning to spend time with Kay and my family as well as seeking new opportunities to offer my skills and experience to further the Kingdom of God.

    “Lastly thank you for the wonderful gifts and kind messages. They mean a great deal to Kay and me”

    Speaking to others before the service of farewell, the Bishop of Ludlow the Rt. Revd Alistair Magowan said:

    “Kay and Richard have served the Diocese of Hereford for just over five years, during which time I have come to know them not just as colleagues but friends and family. I will greatly miss their good humour and warm nature.

    “Bishop Richard has worked hard to foster a culture of intergenerational mission and has given us a clear and sure steer shaping both our Diocesan strategy and priorities”

    “In his five years as Bishop of Hereford, he will be remembered for establishing our ‘Follow’ events, encouraging regular conversations with local and national stakeholders around the common good agenda and of course the successful appointment of our Intergenerational Missioners.”

    Sam Pratley, Diocesan Secretary said:

    “I have spent nearly 10 months saying farewell to Bishop Richard which has become a bit of a joke between us. Now that we have finally reached November, it is with great sadness and surprise that I find I am saying a very real and final farewell.

    “In just five short years in Hereford he has helped us develop intentional and intergenerational church mission, given the Diocese permission to experiment and change, encouraged and supported individuals to flourish and has inspired the Diocese to be brave and bold, leading us towards greater spiritual and numerical growth and a more sustainable future.

    “It has been an absolute pleasure working with Bishop Richard since my appointment a little over three years ago. I have thoroughly enjoyed our many conversations which often reference cricket. I will finish with, Bishop Richard can officially retire from his golden innings as Bishop of Hereford, knowing he has set his team up well, given appropriate words of encouragement and inspired others through his own leadership, to go on to even greater achievements.”

    Kay Frith, Bishop Richard’s wife said:

    “Richard and I have had a wonderful time over the last five years, getting to know this beautiful area and the wonderful people. We are sad to leave our home, friends and colleagues who have felt like an extended family.The greatest challenge I have will be encouraging Richard to enjoy life without committing to every volunteer request. Finally, thank you to everyone who has sent messages of good wishes, prayers and farewell cards.

    About Bishop Richard

    Bishop Richard is the 105th Bishop of Hereford and moved to the Diocese from Hull, where he was the Suffragan Bishop, in 2014.

    He is chair of the Rural Affairs Group of General Synod and Vice-Chair of the Liturgical Commission. Bishop Richard has also been a trustee of the Mission to Seafarers for many years.

    Bishop Richard is married to Kay and he has four children and four stepchildren. His interests include the theatre and sport, with a particular passion for cricket.

    The next Bishop of Hereford was announced in September 2019 as the Rt Revd Richard Jackson, Bishop-designate of Hereford.