Statement on Flooding across Herefordshire and Shropshire

    Talking Points
    28 Oct. 2019

    “Following the unprecedented heavy rain and flooding which occurred across Herefordshire and parts of Shropshire this weekend, I want to pay tribute to the agencies and local volunteers who continue to support victims of the flooding.

    “I am especially mindful of the families, friends and neighbours of those who have lost their homes, cars and businesses this weekend. The shock and danger of the flood doesn’t end as the water recedes, the drying time and clean-up period will be long, costly, and hard work, I pray that we do not experience further flooding on this scale this winter.

    “I want to express my thanks and appreciation to all those who are giving up their time to help and care for those who have been flooded out. You are our modern day Good Samaritans.

    “With climate change, things may not be on the scale here as elsewhere in the world. However, these experiences remind me of the need for urgent action, both locally and globally.

    “I commend you to support local flood appeals in affected areas.”



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