Easter Message - Bishop Richard

    Christian Faith
    1 April 2018

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    The events of that first Easter day were certainly pretty dramatic. It was while it was still dark that Mary Magdalene came to the tomb of Jesus and saw that the stone had been removed from the tomb.

    And one way of looking at the story of Easter is in terms of light coming in darkness. And in our everyday experience, light comes in darkness in different ways. There’s quite a difference between the switching on of a bright light which suddenly wakes us up with a start, and the gradual coming of the dawn.

    Easter is both sudden and gradual. One writer has said that when we celebrate Easter, we are really standing in the middle of a second Big Bang, a tumultuous serge of divine energy as fiery and intense as the very beginning of the universe. The situation after the resurrection is a new beginning, a new creation. It’s a new start, the world has begun again. Jesus has conquered death.

    And yet it’s also true that Easter dawns gradually. The bible does not describe the resurrection as just a mighty act, a dramatic event, but also as the quiet rising of the sun which has already overcome the night.

    But we know that it doesn’t always look or feel as though darkness has been defeated. The world is a long way from Easter. You only have to see the news to realise that and for any of us there maybe all sorts of things we’re carrying which make Easter feel at best a long way off.

    The resurrection of Jesus is not a quick fix that means everything is OK. It’s described in the bible as the first fruits, the down payment, the guarantee.

    At Easter we can pray to God: may our darkness be dispelled by your light, and our trouble calmed by your peace, may all evil be redeemed by your love, all pain transformed by the suffering of Christ and all dying glorified in his risen life.

    Happy Easter.