Framework for Christian Learning: My Story

This module aims to:

  • help deepen awareness of the way God relates to us in our life journey and experiences
  • explore ways in which we can relate our life experiences to God through prayer and reflection
  • enable the ability to share personal experiences with others

Session topics:

  1. Stages and markers: looking back at the journey of life and identifying significant stages and moments in it
  2. Relationships: reflecting on the significant relationships that have impacted upon us
  3. My faith journey: looking at your relationship with God and how it has developed and deepened
  4. Ups and downs: exploring how the ups and downs of life have shaped us and how we can pray with them
  5. Who am I: looking at our identity in God and how our deepest longings can help us find this
  6. My story: drawing all the strands of the sessions together and reflecting on where this might be pointing us