Jesus and the Magic Money Tree

Ever wondered what makes the world go around?

  • A chance to make crucial links between ecology, economics and what Christians believe at a time of unsettling change
  • Based on a Lent Course run in the Arrowvale benefice in 2019, including quizzes, videos, input, discussion, reading…
  • For anyone who wants to better understand what really makes today’s world go around – and are up for doing some serious thinking!
  • View the videos (several times if you wish), download & read the handouts, then book an online Zoom meeting to discuss the issues
  • Delivered in three 5-session parts:

Part 2    Magic:  Where does wealth come from?

  1. Energy:  What really makes the world go around?
  2. Ancient sunlight:  Can we flourish without oil?
  3. Not complete chaos: Where does order come from?
  4. Only natural:  How do ecosystems work?
  5. Summing up:  Where does wealth come from?


Part 3    Jesus:  How do we live out what we believe?

  1. Stories about bodies:  What's the meaning of life?
  2. The good old days:  Why do values change?
  3. Fair exchange:  How could we do money differently?
  4. Energy:  How could we live well with less?
  5. Summing up:  How do we live out what we believe?


The course is led by Revd Preb. Dr John Daniels, Diocesan Local Ministry Officer and Warden of Readers

John has taught on several regional ministry training courses and is an experienced group facilitator.   He holds a postgraduate degree in earth sciences and has published a number of articles in the area of theology and economics.

The current version is available online, from the comfort of your own home!

We trust that in due course future versions will be delivered at the Ludlow Diocesan Offices, Ludlow Eco Park SY8 1FD


Online materials may be accessed at any time.  Group discussions may be arranged via the online tool Zoom.

How do I take part in an online discussion?
Just email John at: