A noticeboard is one of the most easily visible ways of people finding out about your church community. It is a place where you can easily refresh the information and catch someone's eye as they go by.

If your board is in poor repair or lacks uptodate information what does it say about your church and how much people care about it and sharing the Christian faith with others?

There is some limited funding available which churches will need to match with time or money to revamp a noticeboard. Contact Wendy Coombey on 01584 871089

Notice Boards - Some Things to Think About:

  1. What colour is it painted? Does it have to be black or could it match the Diocesan colour scheme?
  2. What print style is used? Does it have to be gold gothic or can it be modern?
  3. Which piece of information stands out? Think about the board or stand in front of it. What would catch the eye of a passerby or someone in their car? Is it printed large enough to see at a glance from a travelling car?
  4. What should be the main details? Is it the service times? Is it a contact for weddings and christenings? Is it the name of the vicar?
  5. Could it be in a better position? Think about where people might see it the most. Opposite a school entrance or on the corner of a junction?
  6. Could it be divided into permanent and changing information? Sometimes a board can have two purposes with semi-permanent information that may not change for years and advertising for events and upcoming services. Think about whether this can be kept up-to-date and refreshed or whether it would be better to have the basics on there.
  7. Will the service pattern fit on the board? If it is too complicated for the board is it too complicated for the occasional churchgoer?
  8. How many names need to be on the board? Is a name needed at all? Boards should last several years and people move on. Could there be a contact number, a website address or directions to more detailed information elsewhere?
  9. How will it be funded and produced?
  10. Who will co-ordinate the necessary paperwork?