Leaving the membership of the EU

Published on: 31st January 2020

Bishop of Ludlow and acting Bishop of Hereford, the Rt Revd Alistair Magowan said:

“Today marks a new chapter in our nation’s history. It is at these times of significant change that the Church is often a place where people turn. The Church is for everyone.

“As Church, we believe we have a responsibility to continue to speak out for the poorest in our communities and to act to help them. We also have a responsibility to work for the peace and the common good in our communities this is my prayer for the people of Hereford Diocese.

“The Brexit checklist 12 ways to love your neighbour as yourself which was produced last year by the Diocese of Oxford still holds good as we begin the next stage of the process, working out our place outside the membership of the European Union. I encourage you all to pray for peace and reconciliation as commended by the Archbishop of Canterbury. I also encourage practical expressions of love and hope by communities and individuals across our Diocese."


Brexit Poster