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Meet the Team

Christine Cattanach – Ross on Wye

Before being appointed to this role I have a strong sense that God has been preparing me for a very long time in all sorts of roles in church and secular life. I have always worked with people either in teaching or in Health and Social Care within Learning Disability and also Dementia. I am very new to the CofE and have previously been in non-denominational churches. Some of these have been church plants both in the UK and in Hong Kong where I became a Christian in the 1990’s. All have been thriving and growing churches with a strong emphasis on young people which I have enjoyed ministering in. God has also shown me how to lead worship and how to train others to do so in a contemporary style. I have also had the freedom to create different services and activities that engage all ages of the church and alternative services that reach specific people groups.

After an initial time of getting to know the people and the Parish, using the diocesan strategy called the Growth Cycle to consider what is already happening and prayerfully discerning what God was saying we have seen in the last 6 months a time of exiting activity. This has been two fold in terms of new projects being planted and engaging with the current congregation. Toast & Toddle is for parents, carers and little people welcoming them into the church building and creating new relationships. We have also run some Specials in the school holidays where older siblings can join in. LEAF is on the Last Friday of each month , a time of Eating, Activities and Faith for school years 11-15 year olds. Open The Book , a new team in Brampton Abbotts School has been established and is flourishing. Sox Puppet club , an after school club using faith based dance and drama is creating ways for the children to lead worship themselves. The other aspect has been about discipling the current wonderful congregation to think differently and to grow in their faith. This has culminated in the development of an All Age Service that is interactive and engages everybody there. It has been quite a different way of doing things with the support and help of the Ministry Team and has had very positive feedback with the congregation willing to come on the journey as we experiment and grow this service that people can more easily invite others along to. Also we have introduced some discipleship course, Talking Jesus and this has led to us starting the first ever Alpha Course this year. We are almost at the end of 10 amazing weeks and had the most wonderful away day at Llangasty Retreat Centre. We hope those who have been a part of the course will now facilitate a more outward looking course in September. We have many more plans and hope to see things such as Messy Church come to fruition as we wait to welcome our new Rector and his family to Ross.

Wayne Davies - Ludlow

I was the guy you didn’t want to meet in an alley, had no desire to know God, go to church, even give Christians the time of day to speak to me, well...

At age 33 my wife’s life changes and she comes back into relationship with God, I saw the change but wasn’t bothered, but I got invited to a guys house (from church) to talk about mountain bikes and drink beer, well let’s just say God had other plans, a radical encounter in the living room that night changes my life forever, now going through ordination theology training.

Work currently involved in Ludlow, reaching out on the streets to a disadvantaged estate, working with all I come into contact with, families, etc, working in the local high school mentoring but also helping out in RE classes, to prayerfully encouraging the teachers, working with schools on OTB, leading Alpha courses and new forms of worship to an interview today to look at a chaplaincy role within the local 6thform (super exciting).

God’s love is for all and I’m sure going to tell everyone I can about it☺

Kate King - Bridgnorth

Kate King is Intergenerational Missioner working within Bridgnorth Parish and across the Diocese of Hereford. A cradle Anglican raised in South Shropshire within Hereford Diocese, Kate found her faith in her thirties having belonged to churches in Manchester and Birmingham while studying and working. Kate’s career has been a rich and varied one starting in Civil and Structural Engineering and later supporting the voluntary sector with social media, Teaching English as a Foreign Language and as a qualified maths teacher, tutor and mentor. Having returned to Shropshire to be near her parents and family business, Kate married Steve, settled in Dorrington and started a family with their wonderful (3-year-old) son James. Upon joining the village Church, she was called into lay ministry by her wonderful Parish Vicar who significantly helped her on a path of discipleship. Kate has had the joy of being part of a church that is growing through a community of deep fellowship and an exciting balance of lay and ordained ministry. As well as contributing to the life of the church, Kate has for many years been active in local politics.

In her Ministry, Kate has a passion for exploring opportunities of outreach and growing relationships. Recent encouragements have been developing the work of the long-established toddler and youth groups to include a basis of faith and exploration. The growing identity of a fresh expression of youth church is complimented by joining with other churches, organisations and groups such as the Bridgnorth Youth and Schools Project and SPREE and EDGE gatherings to bring together young people from across the parish and more widely. Kate is grateful to have been so welcomed into the worship community in Bridgnorth. She is surrounded by wonderful and dedicated volunteers who are excited to help others explore questions of life and faith. Alongside these Christians, Kate is exploring new expressions of worship that will meaningfully bring together people of all ages (such as Explore Together and Messy church) as well as those dedicated children and young people (Diddy Disciples). Watch this space!

Geri Miller - Bromyard

I felt a strong call from the Lord to Bromyard a year before the role started and was able to explore this with the Lord before coming to Bromyard. I am also quite new to the CofE like some of the other Missioners, I grew up in a Baptist church in South African and attended free churches in the UK. I was attending Freedom church when I started attending St Peter’s church in Bromyard 6 months before starting as their Intergenerational Missioner. I have worked on kids team ministries for a lot of my church life. In my career life I worked as a Combat Medic in the British Army, worked in residential education with young people that have learning difficulties and also worked for Vennture in Hereford as a Family Link Worker, enabling struggling families to make better decisions. I feel that my career has been a good resource for my current role in Bromyard.

After an initial time of getting to know the people and the Parish, using the diocesan strategy called the Growth Cycle to consider what is already happening and prayerfully discerning what God was saying we have seen in the last 6 months a time of exiting activity. This has been two fold in terms of new projects being planted and engaging with the current congregation.

This has been really exciting and has seen the planning of CAP Money and CAP Life Skills to support community that are struggling, there has also been a link up of local services working alongside the CAP work. Work in schools have grown and continues to grow and we will soon see the launch of our Vintage Messy church in Whitegates care home on 12th May 2019. There are so many exciting projects in the pipeline over the coming years with the church being modified to better serve the community of Bromyard better. There has also been a new growth in the way that the current congregation is being discipled and making our church family more missional focussed. Keep your eyes pealed on Bromyard and watch how the Lord will be working over the coming years.