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Aims & Objectives

Young people at prayer station

The diocese anticipates the following key outcomes by the end of 2022:

  • To reach 1,800 unchurched people with the good news of Jesus Christ, with such interaction leading to 450 choosing to follow him. At least half of these people will be young people and adults under the age of 35.
  • To build new faith pathways in each parish where an intergenerational missioner is working. These will include 12 courses for new church joiners and 12 courses for people wanting to grow in their faith.
  • A mixed economy of at least 12 new worshipping communities meeting at least twice a month, these will consist of two new communities in each of the locations where the Intergenerational Missioners are working.
  • Twelve new voluntary Intergenerational Missioners trained or in training (two per location) working collaboratively with local mission teams that are trained or training and growing.

Lead Intergenerational Missioner, Lizzie Hackney said: “These are really exciting times as we seek to grow churches of all ages.

"The Strategic Funding bid led out of seeking to hear what God is doing across Hereford Diocese and through recognising the great opportunities we have to continue to build intergenerational churches. 

"The six Missioners will bring new skills, expertise and enthusiasm into our diocese. They will significantly increase our capacity to reach our communities with the Good News of Jesus Christ, grow new congregations and go and make disciples of all generations."