Independent Safeguarding Audit May 2017

The Diocese underwent an Independent Safeguarding Audit in May this year. The Audit was commissioned by the Archbishop’s Council and was part of a national programme of diocesan audits. It was conducted by the Social Care Institute for Excellence. It consisted of the Diocese submitting a significant amount of information regarding its approach to safeguarding for scrutiny, followed by a 3 day field work visit by 2 safeguarding professionals. The field work visit involved an inspection of safeguarding case files, clergy files and diocesan staff files, detailed interviews with key diocesan staff and a Focus Group drawn from Parish Representatives. The Diocese has now received the Final Audit Feedback report, which you can view by clicking here. The Diocese welcomes the feedback it has received and has incorporated its response to the Audit in its ongoing activities detailed in the Diocesan Safeguarding Strategy and Action Plan.