Social Responsibility Network

At Diocesan Level

The SRN regularly sponsors debates at Diocesan Synod. Recent subjects have included Mental Health, a Diocesan Age Policy and Migrant & Seasonal Workers. The membership of the SRN covers all parts of the Diocese and represents a wide variety of interests and expertise. It works ecumenically wherever possible.

Issues which can affect individual's well-being, families and the cohesion of society are all brought to the regular SRN meetings... The Social Responsibility Network looks at any topic which may impact upon society, including alcohol and drug abuse, domestic violence, mental health care and family issues.The SRN also serves the community by co-ordinating two Clergy Emergency Response Teams (CERTs), one in the north of the Diocese, covering south Shropshire and the other covering Herefordshire. The CERTs are on standby with the authorities in both counties in the event of a major incident occurring within the Diocese. We work closely with the Emergency Planning Units of the local authorities in offering training and practice call-outs to the clergy who volunteer for this important ministry.

At Deanery and Parish Level

The SRN works with Deanery Synods, Chapters and Parishes, giving presentations, leading discussion and encouraging social action.

In Partnership

The SRN is involved with both the statutory sector and voluntary agencies and is keen to work in partnership at all levels. Good relationships have been established with many local organisations.