Framework for Christian Learning: Growing a Church of All Ages

Our churches can be places where all generations find a spiritual home to worship, pray and learn.   An intergenerational church is a family in the widest and deepest sense.   This six-part course will explore and build confidence in growing intergenerational ministry and churches of all ages.   Suitable for anyone with a heart to see all ages grow in faith, worship leaders, those involved in outreach, children’s/youth/families leaders and Messy Church leaders.

  1. What is an intergenerational church?
  2. Telling the stories of God – using stories to engage all ages
  3. Exploring together – sharing our journey as disciples
  4. Missing generations?   A look at how different generations are exploring faith and spirituality
  5. Outreach to All -  Who is in our communities?  What are the needs?  Where are the opportunities?
  6. What next?   Resources, decision-making, support, planning….where is God leading us?