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Foundation Governors

Every Church School appoints Foundation Governors to be part of the Governing Body. In Controlled Schools (VC) a minority is in place, and they form the majority in Aided Schools (VA). In an Aided School, the number of Foundation Governors must exceed the total of other Governors by two. In addition, one third of all governors must be parents of pupils at the school. If you are thinking of becoming a Foundation Governor, please have a look at the link below.

Thinking of becoming a Foundation Governor

The responsibility for finding and appointing a suitable Foundation Governor is that of the incumbent, governing body, school and the church community. An Application Form must be completed which requires 4 signatures: The Incumbent; The Headteacher; The Chair of Governors; The Diocesan Director of Education.

Please refer to the guidance documents below to ensure that you nominate a suitable candidate for the role. The responsibility of school governors, not just Foundation Governors, has increased over the past few years. They are now called upon to have knowledge in a lot of different areas within a school so please make sure that any potential candidates are aware of what will be the Head's and School’s expectations of them.

Please ensure the relevant application or re-appointment form below is completed, signed and returned to the Education Team. Once the nomination has been approved an appointment letter will be sent to the new or re-appointed Foundation Governor.

Current Training Dates

Being a Governor in a Church School

£90 or free to Partnership Schools

11th March 2020, 5.00pm, Unit 8/9, Eco Park, Ludlow

More training dates for April 2020 – March 2021 will be published shortly.

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