Framework for Christian Learning: God's Story

An overview of the Old and New Testaments over a total of twelve sessions based on a number of key figures and God's call on their lives.  The aim of these modules is to provide participants with a view of the broad sweep of the Bible story by giving attention to key events and characters.

Session topics:

Part 1:  BC

  1. The Bible:  God's call, our response
  2. Abraham & Sarah:  called to pioneer
  3. Moses:  called to go back
  4. Ruth:  called to be faithful
  5. Jeremiah:  called to tell the truth
  6. The Psalmist:  called to sing out

Part 2:  AD

  1. God's people:  called to wait
  2. Jesus:  called to defy expectations
  3. The woman at the well:  called to conversation;   Zaccheus: called to hospitality
  4. The first Christians:  called to be distinctive
  5. Paul:  called to be an outsider
  6. John the Divine:  called to hold fast