School for Ministry:                  Framework for Christian Learning

A wide variety of topics in ministry and discipleship...

Usually these are organised in modules, each module involving about 10 hours of quality learning time.   Each module can be undertaken on its own or in combination with others - possibly as a means of working towards the Framework for Christian Learning Certificate...

... based around four core modules:

Various other modules are available, including:

Other options will be added as they become available.

At the end of each module participants will have the opportunity of completing and submitting an assignment based on that module, for which they will receive qualitative feedback. 

All these modules aim to be:

  • Open access: anyone may do any course
  • Free / minimal cost
  • Delivered as locally as possible
  • Practical: giving people tools for Christian discipleship and ministry
  • Non-academic
  • Useful and interesting
  • Led by local, trained facilitators

Typically in small group settings, participants will be helped to ponder what it means to think, act and minister as a Christian; and so, in the company of others, become more reflective, better informed, and inspired with new ideas.  This is a vision for equipping Christians to live out their faith more effectively as they serve God in church, workplace and community.