Framework for Christian Learning Certificate - some FAQs

Who is the Certificate for?

Those undertaking School for Ministry learning modules who wish to achieve a measure of recognition for having covered a range of topics in basic Christian discipleship and ministry.   There are no prior qualifications required!

How do I gain a Certificate?

By completing a total of 6 Framework modules – the 4 Core Topics and any 2 others.

Core topics:

  • Spirituality: My Story
  • Bible: God’s Story
  • Christian living: Living the Story
  • Mission: Sharing our Story

Optional topics include:

  • In Spirit and in Truth – leading worship from scratch
  • Exploring Pastoral Care
  • Working Together Well
  • Exploring Intergenerational Ministry
  • Parish administration
  • Church wardens' ministry

Further topics will be added as they become available.

Each topic will involve about 10 hours of quality learning time.   The Certificate should be achievable in 18 months to 2 years, depending on local module availability.

What is the status of the Certificate?

The Certificate is an internal diocesan accreditation, awarded on behalf of the Bishop in recognition of having undertaken the required number of learning modules.   In itself it does not imply any authorisation for ministry beyond that granted separately by the Bishop and your parish priest.

Will I have to submit any assignments?

Those working towards a Certificate will have the opportunity of submitting a piece of work at the end of each module, for which they will receive feedback.   There is no formal assessment as such however.

How does registration for the Certificate work?

If you wish to register as a Certificate student you will need to contact Suki, PA to the Local Ministry Officer.   At each module session you will need to sign in to confirm attendance.   Attendance at a minimum of 2/3 of sessions will be required to qualify as completion of any given module.

How do I know where modules are being offered?

These will be advertised on the School for Ministry web-pages.   If you want to undertake a module which isn’t currently planned in your area, why not talk to your incumbent about hosting a module in your benefice?   Otherwise simply contact Suki to register your interest, and we will do our best to work with you to set something up.