Framework for Christian Learning: Exploring pastoral care

A six-session course from Pastoral Care UK intended to encourage people in small groups to expand their understanding of the nature, purpose and missional potential of pastoral care; and to consider how it might be offered in their everyday encounters.

Session topics:

  1. A Christian perspective:  what makes Christian pastoral care distinctive?
  2. Dimensions and definitions:  how do we describe pastoral care?
  3. Who cares?   Who is called to care and who do we care for?
  4. Caring qualities:  what do these look like, and how did Jesus care?
  5. Listening:  why is it important to listen to others, ourselves and God?
  6. Confidentiality and resources:  why is confidentiality important, and what resources can we use?

Thinking of setting up a visiting/ pastoral care team?   Then contact the Pastoral Care Advisor, Revd Garry Ward, for guidance on good practice: garry@penfold.email    01746 710304