Encircled in Care

This resource, produced by the Methodist Church, is intended for those sharing responsibility for pastoral care in their local church and community.   It offers practical and relevant ideas to help pastoral carers seek 'life in all its fulness' for others.   It is accompanied by a CD-ROM and web-based material.   


The resource is structured as a number of 2-hour sessions.  These include three foundation sessions followed by a range of further optional sessions, which can be used according to the group's interests and needs.

Foundation session 1:   Why we care

  • Values behind our caring
  • Using the Bible to identify themes of pastoral practice

Foundation session 2:   Developing skills

  • Empathetic listening
  • Using the Bible to inform our pastoral care

Foundation session 3:   Good practice

  • Confidentiality
  • Supervision, boundary-setting, care of self and others
  • Safeguarding of children & vulnerable adults

Optional sessions:

  • Prayer in pastoral visiting
  • Connecting care and discipleship
  • Children, young people and pastoral care
  • Across the generations
  • Extended communion
  • Health, healing and well-being
  • Mental health issues
  • Loss and bereavement
  • Domestic abuse

Thinking of setting up a visiting/ pastoral care team? Then contact the Pastoral Care Advisor, Revd Garry Ward, for guidance on good practice: garry@penfold.email 01746 710304