Diocesan Board of Education (DBE)  

The Diocese Board of Education fulfil a vital role in education and play a full and effective role in support of Church of England schools.

The DBE’s mission is to serve God in all aspects of the Church's educational work and thereby enable youngpeople to develop spiritually, morally, socially and intellectually according to the beliefs of the Christian faith.

The Diocese of Hereford seeks to share God's love in community and world through:

  • Worshipping God and praying for His help and guidance
  • Caring and serving people in all life's situations
  • Recognising and responding to the needs of our communities
  • Inspiring and learning through each other's strengths and gifts. So that in all our activities we show Jesus Christ to those round us."
DBE Members
Standing Members
Rt Revd Richard Frith Bishop of Hereford
Rt Revd A Magowan Bishop of Ludlow
Canon Derek Chedzey Archdeacon of Hereford
Elected Members
Revd Mike Kneen Elected
Stephen Borthwick Elected (Chair)
Kym Wilcocks Elected
Revd Jeannetta Stokes Elected
Claire Gaskin Elected
Revd Simon Mondon Elected
Mark SimmonsElected
Alastair Gloag Elected
Revd David Howell Elected
Susan Lewis Elected
Revd Christopher Penn Elected
Stephen Matthews Elected
Co-opted Members
Will Davies Co-opted
Bridget Knight Co-opted
Paul Smith Co-opted
Jennifer Bury Co-opted
Elizabeth Kearnes Co-opted
Andrew Teale Interim Director of Education
Sian Lines Deputy Director of Education
Mark Harrington Education Development Officer
Sam Pratley Diocesan Secretary

DHET - The Diocese of Hereford Educational Trust – Company no.


The Diocese of Hereford Educational Trust seeks to establish and maintain Academies and foster the Christian ethos in those establishments for which it is responsible. It will also promote the effectiveness of its Church of England educational Institutions by the efficient application of resources, the promotion of models of good practice and the delivery of relevant support services.

DHET Directors

Susan Lewis DBE
Sam Pratley DBE
Kym Wilcocks DBE
Stephen Borthwick Bishop's Appointment
Vacancy Bishop's Appointment
Vacancy Bishop's Appointment
Andrew Teale DDE
Sian Lines Company Secretary

The Diocese of Hereford Multi Academy Trust (DHMAT) - The Diocesan Multi Academy Trust