Countdown to Prayer

7 Web Resources to Enrich Your Prayer Life

www.approachestoprayer.info  plenty of ways to try

www.prayingincolor.com  using doodles and colouring to enable your prayer.

www.sacredspace.ie daily prayer and reflection based on a scripture reading for the day

www.24-7prayer.com   Initiative to encourage prayer through Prayer Rooms and offering Prayer Resources

www.thykingdom.co.uk   Archbishop’s initiative to encourage prayer and praying for people to grow in knowing God

prayer-center.upperroom.org   Intercessory prayer ministry offered

6 Free Apps to Support Your Prayer Life

Daily Prayer – using the daily offices from Common Worship

Download the Daily Prayer App

Prayer Mate – helps keep track of your praying

Link to download the Prayer Mate App

Pray As You Go – daily led meditations on a Bible passage

Link to download teh Prayer as you Go App

Sacred Space – daily reflective prayer around bible reading

Link to download teh Scred Space App

Bible Gateway – access to many bible translations

Link to Download the Bible Gateway App

Daily: Scheduled Web Reflection – access to many online daily prayer resources

Link to download the Daily Scheduled Web Reflection App

5 Books Exploring Prayer

God of Surprises by Gerard W Hughes: A classic highly acclaimed book on the journey of prayer and encountering God in our life.

Prayer: Finding the Heart’s True Home by Richard Foster: A comprehensive guide to developing a wide range of ways of prayer.

Landmarks by Margaret Silf: Drawing upon the insights of St Ignatius of Loyola this offers insights on recognising God’s ceaseless action in our lives and discerning God’s will for us.

Creating a life with God by Daniel Wolpert: Offers twelve prayer practices to deepen your prayer – practical guidance for individuals and groups

The Divine Dance: The Trinity and your transformation by Richard Rohr: exploring how prayer joins us into the dance of the Trinity.

4 Things to Check up on Your Prayer Life

Pattern: What is my aim? Do I have a pattern?
                 What ways of praying do I use?

Places: Where do you find yourself praying?
                What is it there that helps you focus?

Props: what supports do I have for my prayer life:
              spiritual friends, groups, spiritual accompaniers,
              books, approaches…

Pray as you can, not as you can’t.
Are you trying to pray in ways that don’t suit you?
Are there ways of praying that you could explore?

3 Dimensions to Prayer

Upwards:  focussing on simply being with God,
                     giving yourself to God in praise, adoration, stillness.

Outwards: praying for those beyond –
                     the needs of the world, seeking God’s grace for others

Inwards:   drawing upon God’s grace to resource and
                    guide you and God’s energy will work through you

2 Ways of Going Further

  • Find a Spiritual Accompanier: These are people who give you the space to explore what is (and isn’t) happening in your prayer and faith journey. Anyone interested in going further can benefit from this. Plenty of people are offering this around the diocese. www.hereford.anglican.org/SpiritualDirection
  • Local Courses: We have two courses in the Diocese which help with growing in prayer, listening to God and exploring your purpose in life. Christian Spiritual Growth Course: A one year programme (one day a month) exploring approaches to prayer, listening to God and finding your vocation and ways of responding in faithful service. Discerning Listening: A six-month course to develop how we listen to God in ourselves and in others in a pastoral and spiritual ministry. www.hereford.anglican.org/courses

Contact The Revd Preb Nick Helm in the Ministry and Spiritual Development Office on (01584) 871 085 or Email

1 God Who Looks Upon Us Constantly in Love and Loves Us Coming to Him in Prayer and Actively Service.