Church and society

The Church and Society Link Officer acts as a coordinator and link throughout the diocese, developing relationships with the many and various social action and welfare activities. The CSLO provides information and support to parishes to enable them more effectively to fully engage in care and support of the marginalised and vulnerable within their communities, in conjunction with partner organisations which may be ecumenical church partners, local authority partners and charitable/voluntary sector partners.

"In the spirit of prayer, love and humanity, we commit ourselves to work for a just and inclusive society".

The work of the Social Responsibility Network is rooted in the Gospel. Our Lord's command to love our neighbour means that we care about, and care for, those in our communities. This means that we have a concern for justice, compassion and the needs of others.
SRN aims to further the Church's mission, both to those who have no contact with the Church and to those who are marginalised in society. An important part of this work is to work in partnership with parishes, voluntary and statutory agencies and our local communities.

The Diocesan Church and Society Link Officer Christine Pepler works with the groups which is made up of both clergy members and laity from across the Diocese who support the work of the team.

The Social Responsibility Network Chairman is the Revd Jill Talbot-Ponsonby.