Communications Strategy

A Communications Plan has been written for the diocese for 2017-2019. It focuses on both online and printed publications.

Executive summary

The way people engage and interact with church and faith has changed dramatically in recent years - this strategy outlines how we will reach new people and strengthen our relationship with those we already know.

A first for the Diocese of Hereford it marks a step change in the approach to external and internal relations.

It details how our Diocese speaks to new people but also how we speak to ourselves and how we position our message of the joy of Christ in a crowded and busy world.

Many of the communication methods relied upon up until now are outdated and there has been little results analysis.

This strategy outlines how communications will be overhauled to become fit for purpose for a generation led by instant story sharing and online news.

Traditional media - press and television news is in decline while the take up of social networks and online new consumption is growing across all age and socioeconomic groups.

Our approach will switch to deliver our stories and messages to the new mediums, majoring on film production and social network engagement alongside a reduced investment in printed publications.

It is anticipated that the proposed changes should be cost neutral with spending reassigned from existing communication methods to the new approach.

The dual strategy ensures cohesive campaigns and streamlined communications are delivered to new audiences without neglecting the needs of those who are not part of the online world.

There will be particular emphasis on communications to promote outreach and mission in areas of low growth, namely market towns and younger generations completed in a cost conscious and timely manner.

Overall Communications Objective

To ensure the Diocesan vision statement and shared priorities, chiefly growing spiritually and numerically are communicated to ensure our wider mission, social action and the message of Christ is shared with all.

You can read our publicly available Communications Plan here.

It was approved by Bishop's Council on 9th March 2017.