Communications Resources

Diocese Style Guide and Logos

Here you can find materials that coincide with the style guide for Hereford Diocese, which is also included. We have included a variety of shapes and styles to hopefully cater for most eventualities.

Download the Hereford Diocese Style Guide & templates

Download the Diocese of Hereford Logos

Church Communications Guide

This communications guide has been produced to support you in engaging with the media, tell your story as a Christian and speak on behalf of your church community.

Click here to download the Church Communications Guide
  1. Introduction to Communications
  2. Working with the Media
  3. Social Media & Church Websites
  4. Photography Tips and Policies
  5. Church Publicity
  6. Church Marketing for TV + Film
  7. Copyright + Licensing
  8. Wi-Fi Policy

Resources for Parishes

Inspire Magazine

e-Bulletin Archive