Clergy Handbook

I am delighted to commend this Diocesan Handbook and am really grateful to all those who have contributed to it. It is an immensely useful and practical collection of important policy statements and pieces of information that will enable and assist your ministry. There always needs to be a slight health warning with handbooks of this kind because they can become out-of-date surprisingly quickly but are a great asset and aid nevertheless. However, we shall do our best to keep it up-to-date on the website.

One of the issues which always seems to me to be of great importance for the proper sense of our "professionalism" as clergy is that we know enough in all the different areas in order to know what we don't know, so that we know when to ask for help from others. This handbook will help us in knowing enough but also fill in some of the gaps when we need to reach for more information in order to serve the people of our congregations and communities in the best possible way.

This is not intended as bedside reading but it is an important resource document. I commend it to you and I am sure that it will be a real help in ministry.

Bishop of Hereford