What is Christian Faith?

At some points in our lives we find ourselves asking deep questions about our identity, our purpose and our mortality. The need for answers or at least pointers becomes urgent as we try to make sense of our lives, relationships and our work.

Christians believe that every human being is made in the image of God and is loved deeply by God. We believe that each individual is of immeasurable worth despite our failings, our flaws and our inadequacies. We also believe that God has made us to know God in a way that is amazingly fulfilling, liberating and challenging.

Throughout the ages God has invited us to this life of trust and faith by showing what kind of God he is through the beauty of creation, through the way of life, (The Law) which he gave to the Jews, through prophets and most fully in Jesus of Nazareth, whose whole life and death shows us who God is and what God is like.

We believe Jesus is a perfect image of God because he is God - God chose to become human and live among us to invite us to a life of faith, hope, joy and peace.

The beginning of faith is to trust in this loving God who knows us more profoundly than we know ourselves.

And from that step a journey that will last a lifetime begins. As we travel, we believe the Holy Spirit will guide and and strengthen us - leading us to know more and more of God's love.