Chaplaincy Everywhere

Chaplaincy is engaging with God’s mission by personal involvement in other people's places of work or assembly.   Chaplaincy has many descriptions and areas of contact such as schools, hospitals, agriculture and prisons.

This programme helps individuals examine if they are called to chaplaincy; and considers where the next steps could lie.

Session topics:

  1. Background to Chaplaincy and the calling to serve
  2. Spirit of Chaplaincy and its values
  3. Themes of Chaplaincy
  4. How Chaplaincy works and some of the skills needed
  5. Creating the key Job Description and framework of a chaplain's role; and meeting with a working chaplain

Further information can be obtained from Paul Trenberth:   paul@trenberth.co.uk

Follow-on sessions on specific chaplaincy arenas can be arranged on request.