Care of churches

Each Diocese has a Diocesan Advisory Committee for the Care of Churches, known as the DAC. The DAC is a statutory body set up under the Care of Churches and Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction Measure 1991. Its main function is to give advice on the architecture, archaeology, art and history of places of worship to the Diocesan Chancellor, the Archdeacons and parishes. 

Works of repair and development on church buildings are regulated under Faculty Jurisdiction (similar in requirements to Listed Building Consent for secular buildings.) At the first stage of the Faculty Jurisdiction the DAC considers applications and advises the chancellor whether or not a faculty (or permission) should be granted. The Diocesan Registrar processes the application and deals with the views of Consultees and other legal matters.

There are 423 churches in the Hereford Diocese; many are historic listed buildings and their care and maintenance is one of the greatest challenges that congregations face. The DAC advises churchwardens, parishes and clergy who are planning work to their churches. This advice is given on a voluntary basis by members of the Committee, who have between them knowledge of the history, development and use of church buildings; liturgy and worship of the Church of England; architecture, archaeology, art and history and experience in the care of historic buildings and their contents. The committee members are supported by a team of consultants and specialist advisors.

The DAC provides advice and support to parishes at all stages of projects, from initial thoughts, through fundraising and making a faculty application, to completion. The DAC meets 10 times a year additionally, on more complex cases, site visits are made to meet and discuss proposals with the parish. A Summary of DAC casework will be published after each meeting

The DAC appoints and maintains a list of architects and surveyors for the Quinquennial Inspection of each church in the Diocese. The Scheme for Inspection is managed by the DAC Secretary.

Stephen Challenger - DAC Secretary 01432 373300

Tim Bridges - Church Buildings Support Officer 01432 373330

Documentation to download

Churchyard Regulations

Churchyard Memorial Application Form

Church Buildings Council Tree Guidance

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