Baptism (also called Christening) is the ceremony in which a person - baby, child or adult - is identified as a Christian and a member of the church. We love welcoming new members!

Every person is entitled to be baptized in the parish church of the place where they live. If you are not sure which is your parish church, please check by using the Church of England's parish-finder website, A Church Near You. Please contact the vicar to discuss a possible Baptism/Christening.

Castle Frome font
New church member

If you are a parent considering the Baptism of your child, you have a choice to make. The words of the Baptism service call for serious commitment by the parents and godparents. If you are not comfortable with this, you may prefer to ask for a Service of Thanksgiving.

For a user-friendly guide, check out the Church of England's national website for Baptisms/Christenings

For over 800 years, children have been christened in the Castle Frome font.