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Advice, Guidance & Contact

If you believe that someone - child young person or adult - is in immediate danger you MUST call the Police on 999. You do not have to have their permission to do this.

Complaints about how a safeguarding matter has been dealt with:
If anyone is unhappy about how a safeguarding matter has been dealt with, we have a complaints procedure.  Please download a copy for your use here


I am your Safeguarding Adviser and I am here for you to contact and seek advice from regarding any matter related to safeguarding within the Church of England in the Diocese of Hereford. I am contactable by telephone on 07875 757396, 01746 785168 or by email on m.mcphee@hereford.anglican.org

Please feel free to contact me for advice at any time - even late at night or at weekends - I would prefer you to make contact rather than leaving it for a period of time and worrying about things.

Mandy McPhee