St Mary, HR2 0BE

St Mary, Abbeydore
Kenderchurch Hereford, HR2 0BE

St Mary's Kenderchurch was closed in December 2012. The parish was transferred to St Mary & St David's Kilpeck, except for its northerm corner (Grove Park and adjacent housing) which was transferred to St Peter's Wormbridge. These parishes form part of the Ewyas Harold Group of Parishes.

This church was originally dedicated to Saint Cyndir/Keneder, a disciple of Saint Cadoc who reputedly negotiated with Arthur. The site is mentioned in a list of churches in Ergyng, south Herefordshire, in the Book of Llandaff. However, the church stands in an enclosure that was originally surrounded by a bank and ditch. This, combined with its prominent location on a steep hill, suggests the possibility of a re-used, pre-Christian site whose importance persisted at least until the 10th century.
Saint Cyndir’s name was still being used in a 1291 taxation record. The font and an incised slab in the churchyard are at least 12th century, the churchyard cross is basically medieval and the pulpit is early 17th century. The carved screen is mainly 15th century, with plain 17th century panels. The church was restored in the 19th century. Visitors are drawn by the location and views despite the inaccessibility. Note: parking in the Sawmills car park is available evenings and at weekends with the permission of Pontrilas Sawmills.

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