Strategy Engagement

The following questionnaire has been designed to help us to gather views from a wide variety of stakeholders and this sits alongside a series of events that will be held later in the autumn.

The diocesan strategy was launched in 2015 following an extensive listening and engagement process. We adopted the strapline, "Proclaiming Christ, Growing Disciples" and identified three main strands for our focus:

  1. Church growth, numerical and spiritual - More people becoming Involved with the church, and those that are already involved becoming more deeply involved.
  2. Reimagining ministry - Finding new ways to minister to and look after our communities, where they live, work and play in today’s society – whilst also cherishing our existing loyal congregations.
  3. Contributing to the common good - Working for our communities to make a positive social difference.


Please consider your answers within the context of our three diocesan priorities.

Church name (if applicable):*
18yrs (or under)
31- 40yrs
41 - 50yrs
51 - 60yrs
61 - 70yrs
71yrs (or above)
Considering these three strategic aims how have you seen fruit (results) in these areas in the life of your church?:*
Where has your church struggled?:*
What changes do you think need to happen in your church/ benefice to be more fruitful in these areas?:*
What help do you need to be more fruitful?:*
Do you still believe these three strategic aims are appropriate for your church and our diocese going forwards?:*
Reflecting on the effects of the COVID pandemic, what effect do you think the pandemic will have on your church - please include positive and negative comments. :*
Thinking about your previous answers, what would help you to succeed in facing these challenges or exploiting the positives?:*
Thinking about the strength and effectiveness of the connections between the front line of our parishes and the diocese and its structures and governance, what helps you in your work?:*
Thinking about the previous question, please tell us what things get in the way of your work?:*
Finally, please tell us what other changes you would like to see in how we work together as parishes, deaneries and the central diocesan function towards achieving the same aims?:*
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