Weeks of Accompanied Prayer

Hands clasped in prayer on open bible

Lord teach us to pray” the disciples asked Jesus.

Prayer is so much more than words, or asking God for things. Prayer is our personal relating to God- where we engage with the source of our life and our hope. Prayer can be uplifting, exciting, refreshing. It can also feel hard work, unrewarding or difficult to get down to. We can have periods when prayer is great and other periods where it is very dry or we are unsure what prayer is.

A Week of Accompanied Prayer is one way in which we can seek an enriching and deepening of our prayer life. In these weeks, particular attention is given to your praying. You don’t have to be good at it. Wanting to be better at prayer is more than enough.

Participants give time (up to 30 minutes) each day to pray. They then meet with someone to talk about how it went. The ‘accompanier’ they talk to, is there to listen and help notice how prayer can lead to greater closeness to God. They don’t judge, there is no such thing as failure, but they might offer ideas about how to pray and offer texts from scripture to pray with.

Most people find the week surprisingly encouraging and helpful, giving them a big step up in their relationship with God.

Who can participate?

NO EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY. Anyone can participate, Christian or not, praying or not. The only qualification is a desire to grow closer to God, to deepen your prayer.

How can I arrange one?

There is a group in the Diocese who organise these weeks. They are open to invitations from parishes or groups of parishes and will work with them to fix dates and make all the arrangements.

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Pat Helm  01584 877683    pat@thehelm.me.uk

Sue Foster 01584 891092   s.foster779@btinternet.com