Pilgrimage has been at the heart of Hereford Cathedral since it's early days. Pilgrims came to the shrines of St Ethelbert and St Thomas of Hereford and their visits and presence added greatly to its spirituality. We know from records that most pilgrims were local - their journey to Hereford a maximum of 2 days walk. It's that 'local' pilgrimage that we're re-creating this year with Thy Kingdom Come, as we invite you to gather at local churches and then to make your own 'pilgrim journey' to our cathedral for Thy Kingdom Come.

However we engage with pilgrimage today, the themes and aspirations are the same as they were for pilgrims of old:

  • companionship
  • a spirit of penitence
  • seeking healing
  • an anticipation of Heaven

Come and join our pilgrimage on 20 May and play your part in this ancient tradition- still so relevant and important today.

The Dean, Michael Tavinor

There are four hub churches in Hereford where groups of people can gather for a short prayer session before forming pilgrimages to Hereford Cathedral. 

Click the location below to book your free tickets:

Hub churchEstimated walking timeTime to gather at church
St Paul's, Tupsley35 minutes2.45pm
St Martin's, South Wye30 minutes2.50pm
Holy Trinity, west Hereford20 minutes3.00pm
All Saints, city centre5 minutes3.15pm

Please bring to the service a small stone that fits in your palm from your parish that will be used symbolically as part of our prayers. Also the 5 names of people you are praying for

Please wear something flame coloured e.g. red, orange, or yellow

The Dean of Hereford's Pilgrimage Prayer


Lord God, who inspired pilgrims of old to visit the shrines of the saints in Hereford's house of prayer: be with us as we journey, day by day, towards our heavenly home; and grant us glimpses of glory on the way - in the world around us - in the lives of one another - and in the grace you have given us in Jesus Christ our Lord.