The 5 Marks and more MAP resources

As a diocese we have adopted the "Five Marks of Mission", developed by the Anglican Communion and taken up by the World Council of Churches, as a great way of helping us all become more mission orientated in our thinking and our action at every level of life in the diocese.

In 2011, Bishop Anthony and the Bishops Council asked us to make Growing in Faith and Growing in Confidence to Live and Express our Faith, our diocesan priorities - in other words, Marks 1 and 2.

Resource Cards on the Five Marks of Mission

Caroline Pascoe, our Lay Development Officer, has written a resource card for each mark of mission - explaining each Mark and offering ideas and resources for parishes, benefices, deaneries and individuals.

The cards can be used simply as a resource to help you think about what is happening and what might be possible locally - but can also be used as a five session series, using the discussion questions that are included at the bottom of page 2.

MAP cards:

Card 1: Mark 1 To proclaim the Good News of God's Kingdom (TELL)

Card 2: Mark 2 To teach, nurture and baptise new believers - growing in faith ourselves and helping others grow in faith (TEACH)

Card 3: Mark 3 Caring for people in need (TEND)

Card 4: Mark 4 Seeking to transform unjust structures of society, to challenge violence of every kind and to pursue peace and reconciliation (TRANSFORM)

Card 5: Mark 5 Caring for God's creation (TREASURE)

USPG Course using the Five Marks of Mission

Download all the resources at www.weareus.org.uk/mission/

The Lay Development Office has multiple copies for use by parishes. Ring us on 01584 871086 (mornings). The copies are free - but a donation to US (USPG) would be appreciated.