Start with Prayer

 Do you pray regularly for God's kingdom "on earth, as it is in heaven"?

Do you long for your neighbours, family, friends...
to be growing in the love of God and of each other?

Do you long for a fairer, kinder, more harmonious, world
- but you're not sure how you  or your church can work with God to make a difference?

Join millions of others
praying and acting to transform the world with God
one person, one church, one community,
one step, at a time...

what better place to start than by praying with one heart and mind:

"Your kingdom come on earth as in heaven..."

The Diocesan Follow! Prayer

God who in Jesus calls us -
open hearts and minds to your invitation.
God of the pilgrim way -
be our companion day by day.
God of the still, small voice -
teach us to pray.

Grant that in our calling,
our following,
our pilgrimage
we may see your kingdom of truth and peace -
and delight to bring others to your love.

We make this prayer
through Jesus, the Lord. Amen

The rest of these pages offer some resources and ideas for praying with one heart and mind for God's kingdom "on earth as in heaven".

Suggestions for more approaches and resources are welcomed, invited, encouraged... please email Caroline Pascoe

Poems, meditations, prayers with kingdom themes

Published resources for kingdom focused prayer