Social Aid Fund


The Hereford Diocesan Church of England Council for Social Aid was established in September 1972 and distributes endowment funds originally administered by the Hereford branch of the Church of England Temperance Society. The objects of the Social Aid Fund today still reflect that temperance history:

… to support and further all or any charitable activities carried out in connection with the Church of England in the Diocese of Hereford and in particular those relating to

  • 1.The promotion of temperance and of higher standards of moral life in the individual, the family and the community;
  • 2.The restoration of the intemperate or delinquent and of those addicted to drugs or alcohol or gambling, or otherwise in need of help;
  • 3.The relief of distress or suffering arising from delinquency or intemperance or addiction

What We Support

Today, however, the trustees interpret these activities more broadly, and will consider grant applications from projects that:

  • 1.Promote the health and well-being of people, particularly of disadvantaged groups or communities,
  • 2.Address inequality, poverty, addictions, homelessness (or the risk of homelessness), or other identified social need or vulnerability,
  • 3.Provide an essential need for an individual or family, which cannot be met elsewhere (via an appropriate agency that can verify that need).

Level of Support

The endowment produces a small sum of money (less than £10,000 per year) for the trustees to distribute as grant funding. The average grant offered is typically between £500 and £3,000, although trustees will consider each project on its merit. In exceptional circumstances trustees may consider larger grants. 

Match Funding

The Panel is keen to support projects that have secured grant money from other funders towards the total costs of their project. 

Who Can Apply?

Preference is given to organisations that share a faith base and values consistent with the Church of England. Individuals can apply for funding of essential items, but must be referred through a constituted agency that can verify their need. Individual applications should be accompanied by a letter from the relevant agency supporting and verifying the need of their application.

Download an application form here

Click here to download an application form (Word document).

For any queries, please contact:

Christine Pepler – Email c.pepler@hereford.anglican.org – Tel: 01584 871077