Repair and Maintenance of Church Buildings

First of all, if you have a project idea, or are looking for funding, please get in touch with either Wendy Coombey or Simon Whaley in the Community Partnership and Grant Funding team who'll be able to give you advice, and help you find appropriate funding for your project.

We have numerous resources available for you here on this website.

Crossing The Threshold

The Crossing The Threshold toolkit is a step-by-step guide to running a community project. It starts with developing your vision, explores how to assess your own skills and abilities, offers advice on how to consult with the wider community, before exploring how to plan a project, find funding and complete application forms.

You can down the the whole toolkit as one document or in individual chapters from here.

Repairs & Maintenance

Many projects involve the repair and maintenance of church buildings, and there is advice and support within the Diocesan Property Department to help you. 

Before you undertake any work it's important to understand whether any permission is required for the work you need to undertake from the Diocesan Advisory Committee. This page here explains how the DAC works closely with PCCs to support them through this process. 

For more information about the Diocesan Advisory Committee and contact information click here.

The Faculty process is explained here.

Property Department Contacts

For Property Department contacts, including Tim Bridges, Church Buildings Support Officer, who can offer advice and guidance concerning any project ideas, click here.

Useful Publications

Church Extentions & Adaptations Church House Publishing ISBN 0-7151-7597-1

Fundraising for your Church Church House Publishing ISBN 0-7151-7601-3

UK Church Fundraising Handbook Church House Publishing ISBN 1-8482-5002-9