Your kingdom come, on earth as in heaven..."

The ways in which Christians have served God and their communities and have played their part in the coming of God's kingdom have changed through 2000 years of Christianity. Our church buildings speak of many of those changes in their fabric; the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible reminded us that our ancestors were brave innovators who longed to communicate the gospel to the people of their age.

Such faithfulness needs prayerful attentiveness to God and to the place and time in which God calls us to serve. This is needed as much in these early years of our new millenium as at any other time in history as today's economic instabilities, political realignments, environmental concerns, and widening gaps between haves and have-nots remind us.

These pages offer some resources to help you as a disciple, or your church, or benefice, or deanery, listen to God, to each other and to your communities, to let God shape you, your priorities, plans and action...

Spending time like this is sometimes called "Exploring God's call", "Parish Development Planning", "Mission Action Planning", "Growth Action Planning"... There are many different ways of approaching this.

Here we offer a range of approaches, examples, resources, stories and ideas for our rural diocese.

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