Useful Links

The Theology

Operation Noah
Operation Noah have some excellent papers on the theology of climate change

Christian Aid
Well researched commentaries on many of the critical issues that climate change posits for international development and theological reflections.

A Rocha UK
A Christian charity working for the protection and restoration of the natural world.  Part of the worldwide family of A Rocha organisations committed to conservation action as an expression of Christian mission,  A Rocha UK works collaboratively with other agencies.  Their website includes many practical resources including a theological rationale for their activities and Eco Church.

John Ray Initiative
An educational charity connecting the environment, science and Christianity with contributions to the theology of climate change and climate change campaigns, including updated material on blogs.

Church of England
The CofE has produced some think-pieces and launched a campaign (Shrinking the Footprint).

Global Catholic Climate Movement
A global network of Roman Catholic organisations with links to additional resources.
Rev Nick Read has written a very thorough article highlighting the views of many well-known theologians

Download pdf


A short video of Rev Nick Read giving at Brecon Filling Station on "The Theology of Climate Change"

We don’t want to reinvent the wheel. There is a huge range of useful information and resources available. Here are some which we hope you will find particularly useful. We have divided them into topics:

The Science

The Royal Society
A Good introduction to the science, and to the effects of climate change, for example

Fabulous graphics and videos available to download and excellent educational material

World Resources Institute (WRI)
A global research organisation which produces data on climate change, mitigation and adaptation

Manua Loa Observatory
Produces a daily bulletin on atmospheric CO2 concentration and the underlying trends. 

Operation Noah
Operation Noah have a range of useful papers and articles on the science behind climate change

Useful Organisations

Climate Coalition
A coalition of over 100 environmental and development NGOs dedicated to action on climate change.

An international campaign building a movement around solutions to the climate crisis. They focus on ‘creative activism’, especially simultaneous international events.

Campaign against Climate Change
UK-based campaign pushing for the urgent and resolute action needed to prevent the catastrophic destabilisation of global climate.

Transition Network
A Transition Initiative is a community that is collectively looking at ways to address climate change through living sustainably.

The New Economics Foundation
A UK think-and-do tank promoting social, economic and environmental justice.

Joy in Enough
Imagining a different kind of human world and economic order – an initiative from Green Christians

Chris Martenson's Crash Course  
This makes the essential connection between environment, energy and economics

Renewable Energy

To come.

Natural world

Treasuring creation is one of the 5 Marks of Mission. The more we find out about the natural world, the more we can appreciate its wonder but the more we become aware of its fragility, as mankind continues to exploit the earth’s resources. Here are links to some of the organisations providing a wealth of information on nature and wildlife:

Butterfly Conservation
Conservation of butterflies & moths, land management, wildlife gardening

Caring for God’s Acre
Nature & heritage conservation in churchyards & burial grounds, practical work with volunteers, advice & events

Field Studies Council
Nature & environmental courses for all at field study centres around the UK, committed to lowering carbon budget

Conservation of wild flowers, plants & peat reserves, meadows, wildflower gardening, education, campaigning

Trust for Conservation Volunteers
Practical work on community nature conservation, green space and gardening projects

A Rocha UK - Environmental Education
People and resources to help with environmental education - individual, church, or school.

Shropshire Wildlife Trust and Herefordshire Wildlife Trust
Promoting wildlife conservation on a county basis through nature reserves, education & events

Royal Society for the Protection of Birds
Safeguarding species, sustainable farming, land management, renewable energy, sustainability research, education, campaigning

Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust
Conserving wetland habitats in UK and abroad, reserve management, volunteering, events

World Wide Fund for Nature
World wildlife & ecosystem conservation, climate change, sustainable living on global scale, education, campaigning

Fossil fuel disinvestment

Keeping fossil fuels in the ground to avoid future carbon emissions is a key focus in preventing runaway climate change. We need to wean ourselves off our dependence on fossil fuels. Here are some useful organisations that can provide resources and ideas for action:

Bright Now
Campaigns with churches to encourage disinvestment. They have a number of useful reports, publications and campaigning tools

People & Planet’s Fossil Free campaign
A student-led fossil free campaign focusing on divestment by UK universities and colleges.

Fossil Free
A campaign led by 350.org with background information and resources for religious institutions.

A campaigning group focusing on pension funds investing in fossil fuels.

A faith based organisation in the USA with extensive resources and a focus of divesting

Beyond Fossil Fuels
The investment case for disinvestment – a paper from Impax Asset Management


To come.