Exploring Prayer Days

Exploring Prayer

Prayer is so much more that the few ways we might pray in church. Too often we think of prayer as talking to God, and miss out on the prayer of listening for God, of receiving from God, of finding God through creation, creativity and a myriad of other ways of being with God in our lives.

Exploring Prayer offers the opportunity to try different approaches to prayer. From silence to singing, from colour and shape to simple words, from apps to icons, from seeking help and justice to moving into action …

Opportunities to explore prayer across the generations, drawing upon ancient practices and fresh ideas.

Come and try out new ways and see what happens, find what helps you deepen your relationship with God, draw closer to Christ, be inspired by the Spirit.


Here are some of the workshops you may come across at our Prayer Days:

Colouring Prayer - Creatively engaging with colour as a way of experiencing our colourful Creator

Apps to help us pray - There’s an app for that! See how an app can draw you into prayer. (you don’t need one for this workshop!)

Tasting Francis - Experiencing Franciscan Spirituality

Praying the Jesus Prayer - Experience this ancient prayer to help you still your mind and lead you into being with God

Praying with Icons - Exploring the experience of Christian theology as prayer, how the internal desire for God is kindled through the icon as windows in the world.

These days offer an opportunity to explore a variety of approaches to prayer.

They are held at various places around the diocese and are run by a team of people led by Revd Preb Nick Helm, Ministerial & Spiritual Development and Curate Training Officer.

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