Deanery MAPping

However similar or dissimilar the parishes in your deanery, one thing you have in common is the call to be helping to grow God's kingdom among the people and places you serve...
For 2016 onwards all deaneries are asked to create Deanery Mission and Pastoral Plan and to keep it updated, using the diocesan shared priorities.
This is part of our “Setting our compasses together” process which has come out of Follow! conversations and consultations.
There is a standard template for reporting, due in, in the first year (2017) by the end of April 2017 to Caroline Pascoe.
Each deanery will be paired with support for mission and for finance by a diocesan support minister and a member of the DBFX/Bishops Council. This process will be launched at the Archdeaconry Mission and Pastoral Committee meetings on 9 and 10 November 2016.

The Deanery MAP Summary Template for 2017: 

Download the Shared MAPping template for 2017/18here

For queries/support please contact Caroline Pascoe on c.pascoe@hereford.anglican.org or on grow@hereford.anglican.org and 01584 871086 (Monday to Thursday mornings).