Claiming expenses (Bishop's Council trustees)

Information for Bishop's Council or Finance Committee members

Mileage expense claims

We are very grateful to Hereford DBF trustees who give so generously of their time to provide guidance and advice to drive forward the Church's ministry and mission across our Diocese. Like many volunteers in our parishes, Bishop's Council or Finance Committee members provide their time and expertise free of charge. However, we recognise that such membership places an additional burden on some members who have to travel significant distances in order to participate in regular meetings in Hereford or Ludlow.  Bishop's Council or Finance Committee members wishing to submit a mileage expense claim should do so using the attached Excel or PDF form. A completed form (both summary and journey details pages) should be submitted within one month of travel to the Diocesan Secretary for approval.

Please contact a member of the Finance team on 01432 373300 should you require assistance completing this form.